The name Tiger Beach is misleading, for the famous site, which is home to Emma the tiger shark, is anything but a beach. This gem of a dive site was given such a name on purpose, as the first divers did not want it to be overrun by hoards of boats cramming the natural habitat of these beautiful giants. But over the years, photographers and divers have caught on, and have traveled the globe over in order to get a few dives in and to hopefully capture of few passes by Emma and her comrades. And so after salivating over the images of fellow shooters for the past few years, we packed our gear and headed to paradise with a few other friends and fellow divers to see what the fuss is all about.

The weather in the Bahamas is fickle, that we know. And though we were only on the water for half of our allotted days, we were lucky to have some hammer action in the mix, particularly because we had to cancel the Bimini portion of our trip. The folks at Epic Diving made sure we had an optimal experience, dropping us in a soup of tigers, Caribbean reef sharks, lemon sharks and our lucky hammer friends. And though we were bummed at our limited days due to the weather, we were still able to walk away with some sweet images and footage of which we will cherish for years to come. Here is a little taste of the fun we had on our expedition to Tiger Beach!